Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Year 1 Sem 2

my room in Kolej Tun Hussein Onn - unoccupied for 5 weeks, so damn dirty!!

back to kampung university again...ohh, so tired becus after 5 weeks, the dust covering the bed, table n cupboard is terrible...after wiping the furnitures wif a wet cloth, the water turns black!!! i can use the water to write chinese calligraphy for the coming chinese new year! too bad i forgot to snap a picture of the black water jusnow, otherwise i could post it up for u guys to have a look.

well, the holiday is over. kinda sad, but life must go on. today we can start to register for our respective subjects for this semester. im thinking of hitting 27 units, but im not sure if it's a good idea.rightnow i have registered 24 units. the lecturers for both cellular biology n speech communication were absent today. so i guess it will b holiday for the first week...DAMN, I SHUD HAV STAYED LONGER!!! but wat to do? i have to come back to check on my lab schedule...

CNY is jus 3 weeks away...ohh, im so happy!!! i noe i sound like a kid, but im really happy, i dunno y... mayb bcus i can go back to penang, again...this year's reunion dinner would b the first dinner wif true "reunion" definition for me. it's my first time to leave home n now the reunion dinner really serves it purpose well.i still havnt tasted all the food on my list! lol, yes, i have a food-to-b-eaten list! n also, i did not hav the time to visit my colleagues in the previous holiday, so i think i will meet up wif them in CNY. plus, i nid to make new glasses n go for a dental check-up. a lot of things nid to b done in 1 week...hopefully the shop n the dentist would b opened aft the 3rd day of CNY, otherwise i wouldnt have enuf time for it.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

2008 is coming to an end...

Time flies and in no time, we will be kissing goodbye to 2008 and wave hello to 2009, we just cant tell how fast time goes by. well, lately a lot of things went on n i hav been quite busy, including the crazy xmas countdown at Gurney (i did not witness the crazy car-shaking thingy, too bad!!) and a few last minute get-togethers wif frens.

Xmas countdown for this year was, indeed, better than last year's, well IMO. it's bcus the one thing i hate is being controlled more strictly this year - the stupid snow spray! most of the pple used them on the roads, not so often in Gurney Plaza's premis. i jus wonder y we always end up in Gurney for countdowns... i wished we could go to other places. we did the present exchange thing, but this year it's not fun bcus there were only 5 of us who were exchanging presents. i hope next year there will b more of our frens to join us for xmas countdown...hahah

Holiday is coming to an end n ppl r starting to leave penang for their U's again. so the one thing we always do is to go out for a good chat n gossip... haha, gossiping is so fun, it makes me feel like im back to the previous years, the time in sch, filled wif lots of gossip n laughter. i always feel that things r different nowadays n i have been very nostalgic this year, especially since i was in the uni. mayb i still could not find myself at the moment, kinda lost,i'll jus keep on knocking doors until im answered. i hope there will b more good things coming up n im waiting to accept them with open arms, oh, who wouldnt wan to accept good things?

The upcoming events r :

1. leaving this beautiful island n get my ass back to UKM
2. new year countdown at KL (kinda worried n anticipating at the same time, cus lots of seniors complaint abt their mobile phones lost during countdown parties)
3. start studying again

hope these last few days of 2008 will be wonderful...

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Mamma mia! Here I go again...my my, how can I resist you?

I just watched Mamma mia! the movie last few days, it is a great movie, i wish that i have watched it in cinema, oh, i shud have...few months back, when i saw its trailer in the cinema ad, i thought that it's going to b a boring movie, but NO, it is not at all, i judged it very wrongly. Glad that i watch it.

SPOILERS ALERT!!! Dun scroll down if u have not watched the movie!

I really love everything in the movie. First of all, they choose the perfect setting at the islands of Greece, and there is sunshine, blue skies n blue seas, it is wonderful. The small inn is also great, although it might b an old building.

Besides that, they make love stories interesting. I don know, im not a fan of love story but i really like it this time. it's funny and also romantic. The bride's mother (Donna) finally found her true love after 21 years and they married.

The show is based on the songs of the famous band of the 70's - ABBA! From small, i know that there was a band named ABBA, and that's all i know about them. Never really heard so many of their songs before, well, heard a few before, like money, money, money and chiquitita. this show gives me a chance to know more of their songs and i think all of their songs are so great!!! the lyrics are so meaningful and the melody is very soothing.

There is a part where Donna is dressing up Sophie, her bride-to-be daughter for the church ceremony and they use the song " slipping through my fingers". it is so touching and tears rolled down my face. the scene and the lyrics make the wonder.

The lyrics describe about how a mother feels when her daughter is growing up so quickly and sometimes she jus can't help but to feel that her little girl is slipping away from her. ya, i believe that parents will have this feeling and I feel it too, becus sumtimes i have to choose between my parents and my frens, and i feel a sense of guilt when i choose my frens over my parents. i dunno y, this dun really happen to me before. maybe now that i've left home for studies and the emotions evoked suddenly, jus hope that i could spend more time with them.

Anyway, if u have not watched Mamma mia!, please watch, it's worth your time! i hope that i could watch the live show in KL!

Monday, December 22, 2008

It has been ages since my last post

The good times slip through ur fingers like water n now im left with the last 7days of my holiday, n damn, im going back to tat stupid place again, so not anticipating it...

sumtimes i jus doubt my own decision, i keep asking myself repeatedly, from time to time, "y the hell u chose this university?". sumtimes i even blamed the teacher who suggested this uni to me...but it doesnt help no matter wat i do. becus it is offering the best biochemistry course in malaysia. i have no choice but to choose wat is the best for my future.

in life, we never get things in their perfect balance...when the course offered is great; the food sold is ...oh, i hate to use the word, awful. n they cook the same thing everyday, becus the M*l*y ppl have crocodile tougues n they don taste food, they jus swallow!

i wil live this last week in penang to its fullest!!! ... n drag my ass off back to my kampung university...

Wednesday, November 26, 2008




开心, 因为朋友帮我庆祝;
不安, 因为即将开始新的生活;
悲伤, 因为即将面临离别;




Monday, November 24, 2008

Go try this...


i think it's kinda precise...describes 90% of my characteristics...

I'm back!!! finally...

so damn tired, hav to carry the heavy luggage al the way from my college downhill to the bus stop in front of my campus, then all the way to KL then puduraya...damn, i bet i could gain muscles jus from this process...haha

i arrived at puduraya around 12pm n i hav to find the Kwang Tung Association building in time bcus i hav to attend a ceremony for the study loan i applied (actually, my dad applied for me). this is wat i dislike abt getting involved in those association things, they are very realistic n like to amplify small things. to present a simple study loan, they must hold a ceremony jus for it, of course they would invite those "big ppl" like datuk watever or datin whoever then reporters from newspaper publisher wil com to take photos, things like tat... i mean, come on, it's jus a study loan, make it quick n simple k? it's not like the association givs me 1 billion or wat...i jus borrow it n i hav to pay them later on...thr's nonid to do as if it is so special cus many other corporate companies n other associations provide styudy loans too...

the ceremony starts at 1.30pm. i was late for my lunch bcus i hav to go around to find the building. my lunch is served at 1.15pm, which means that i hav abt 15 minutes to stuff them into my stomach n grab my ass off to the ceremony. that was the most meaningless meal i hav ever had, ate for the sake of eating without enjoying it...i managed to arrive a few minutes earlier.

as i hav expected, they wil start late n they did...it started at 1.45pm...ahh, typical malaysian culture...bad habit! ( im scolding myself too! haha ) honourably, i went up stage n spoke on behalf of fellow students, n the speech was not too long... i jus keep it simple n real...i dun like to fake it, cus to sum ppl, they wil take this chance to show their "appreciation" or how "grateful" they are...

the whole evening was so rush...thank god the ceremony ended quite early, at least earlier than expected. so i got sum time to shop at petaling street...jus bought an odm watch, too poor to buy the real one, so i opted to buy a fake one...>< anyway, they look the same, hopefully it can fool ppl...

my journey to pg started around 5pm, the bus was travelling wif god's speed...it took less than 4 hours n taaadaaa, im back in pg!! so tired...but im happy...holiday is here...frens r back again...miss them alot.

i dunno y, ever since we left pg to pursue our dreams, i find tat i do miss them from time to time.i wonder they feel the same...or m i the only one feeling it? perhaps it has got to do wif my life overthr, im not so close wif my coursemates bcus i find tat my frequency cant superimpose wif theirs n thr are sum gaps between us. my hypothesis is that mayb i treat them as my old frens here in pg, n they responded in a different way, unlike the response i used to get lastime. so this is y sumtimes i feel tat im quite lonely when it comes to this n i start to miss my old frens. they know me the best n i feel comfortable wif them, i can trust them well. but i cant get such feelings from my coursemates.i noe i hav to move on n accept new frens, but new frens r not the same as old frens anymore...i hope i could b very close wif my coursemates by the coming semester.

i will hav to stop here as my eyes r killing me...gtg to bed...happy holidays everyone, remember to gather wif ur frens!they r IRREPLACABLE!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

My first blog...

Finals were over, i hope i do well for this semester because the first semester is always the easiest to score, then things will become more n more difficult for the coming semesters...
Anyway, the way i spend these few days is actually kinda fun! actually my examinations finished on 18nov, so after that im free. but i have things to b done at KL on 23nov, which is tomorrow, and i cant go home, so the only choice is to stay until tomorrow. but how am i going to spend these days? it is amazing when u can stay in the campus for 4 days doing nothing, while other either gone home already or still having their examinations...no, i cant do that, i cant stay in college for 4 days doing nothing cus i'll be bored to death. so i went out n did sum shopping for clothes n accessories... but im not rich, so i dun grab crazily; i buy carefully and wisely.
Tomorrow i'll be going to KL to get a cheque for my study loan! at first it turns me off when i knew that i have to stay a few days more just to get the damn cheque but then im happy...cheque is money, and imagine u could get money just by staying for a few days longer, y not? hopefully i can get to use half of the money and the other half can be used for investments. well, like i said, hopefully i can get to use the money, cus my dad is very concerned wif money matters and he always have comments on others' spending habits. perhaps, i cant blame him bcus he has his past n he sees more different scenarios in life than me, n therefore he has his own unique view on how to spend properly.
I remember very well wat he told me : "only spend on things u need, not on things u want, they are different". i totally disagree wif this statement bcus if we were to spend only for things we nid, then our life is so meaningless. it would b jus like any other living organisms on earth, from bacteria to insects to lions. from my POV, "wat we nid" refers to the very basic things that we required to stay alive and lead our lives. so in my context, it refers to our biological nids like food, shelter and clothes, and also other accessories required for modern days like transport and other tools. by doing so, which means do i live jus for the sake of living, like those lions in africa?
My philosophy towards life is that we shud live happily in modesty. u can spend, but not to the extent of over-spending n engulfed by debts. when u feel like buying sumthing u like, it's fine, work for it, bcus it givs u motivation. it givs u a direction n goal so that u could stay focused. he normally disagrees wif my spending habits bcus he only spend for things he nid, but i spend for things i nid n i want. lucky for me, he is not very autocratic n he wil jus mention to me abt how i shud spend n tat's it. until now, he never restrict my allowance or do anything to my money.
Anyway, i dun think my spending habits are wrong, bcus i dun over-spend n most importantly, i save. i spend accordingly to my affordability n i never borrow money from frens jus to buy things i wan. but, relatively, he would think tat i spend alot.
Im grateful of wat i hav n the way i spend, bcus i realize that many ppl spend without thinking. tat's risky n it could consume u. well, this is all for my first blog n i hope to write more on the way i see life. penang, im coming! home sweet home!