Sunday, July 19, 2009


Today is the audition day for UKM's 30th Pesta Tanglung Stage Performance, and I decided to give it a try. We could audition for either acting or dancing or even both, but I chose acting because I don't think I can dance. I am stiff like a twig, xD...

It was a very fun day. First, we had a warm-up session which involved some free dance, and I was like "oh my God, I'd tried to avoid dancing and now I have to dance?"... But turned out, I love it...They played some random musics and we have to move accordingly to the music, each of us are given a chance to lead the dance. Too bad I got a slow, traditional Chinese music >< So sweat...-.-"

After that, we played a game, sumthing like hide-and-seek, but not exactly the same. This is to test how fast could we react... luckily i made it to the last few before losing, hahah... Then, my favourite part is up - the catwalk session. We are asked to walk in a very confident way and to behave like a supermodel, and the judges were there to observe our level of confidence...

The real audition followed. The chi kek part was this...a 2-minute background music was played, and we have to cry within that period of time... I cant...hahah... I thought I could cus I am quite emotional, but I failed. I was amazed by the spontaneity of a few girls who cried rightaway when the music had just started to play! Now I totally believe that a professional actor/actress has the capability to cry spontaneously... Well, seeing is believing.

Finally, we were asked to form a group of 2 for the interview session. Because there are odd numbers of contestants, I was in a group of 3. We are being interviewed by 4 teachers, and 1 of them asked :" Are you willing to cut your hair or even ugly-fy yourself for a character?" and I answered smoothly a yes...And now, I am a bit worried...hahah... I answered this question a little too soon without further considerations... We are required to sing a song as this year's performance is a musical show, so we are tested and considered based on our singing. After the interview, we have to put on a short act for about 1 minute and the story was about a quarrel, a quarrel between a parent (mother/father) and a son/daughter. For my group, we did the story of a son and a daughter quarrelling with their mother... We came up with quite a different story because we have 3 members and luckily we were given enough time to present the story well and the judges understood.

I think I did okay in the audition. I have no experience in such performance and I hope I am given a chance to try this once in my life...*Praying for the best, result will be notified within the next week*

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Holiday Report

A summary of my activities in the 2-month holiday
Holiday, it’s over. Busy life, hello… 2 months, honestly, is not long but it’s not short either. Many things can be done in this time frame but not everything can be finished, of course. Time is always precious to me as I feel the urge of appreciating the present days and cherishing the youth we have now before you start to lose them one day.

Back to my hometown, one sure thing is FOOD, FOOD and FOOD. Going around tasting the delicious hawker foods and local delicacies is a very rewarding activity. Besides, this gives me a chance to take a good look of the place I once wanted to escape; yet I realize how much I like it now. The trip to Penang UNESCO sites was great, a chance to get together with old friends, jokes and laughter and the delicious foods we have tasted are a few things to enjoy. Penang deserves the title as a world heritage site. Now only I realize there are many old but unique buildings around Georgetown area. Therefore the city council should increase their effort in maintaining a clean city in order to parallel with its status as a world heritage site and to further push its popularity as an international tourist site.

Secondly, a holiday will surely be packed with gatherings with classmates and schoolmates. Most friends who are studying in overseas come back for holiday as well. So this is the time where most of the people are back to Penang and nevertheless, a good time for gathering. It brings back all the high school memories and funny stuffs among our friends besides giving us a chance to update our current status. I am grateful everyone is well and our friendship remains intact even if we do not meet each other as often as before. We went to Pantai Kerachut and this time, I was lucky enough to finally have the chance to watch baby turtles.

Hatchlings are kept in a big blue tank for a day before being released into the big blue sea. This helps to increase their survival rate in the cruel environment.

Baby turtles close up.

This is my first time of getting to see baby turtles. Too bad we are not allowed to touch them.

How could I forget about the movies and the cinema? In this entire holiday, I have finished watching a few drama series like Little Nyonya and 老婆大人。I watched 巾帼剿雄 halfway from the middle when I was back from my favourite campus, wow, love it! I watched a number of dramas as well. Angels and Demons, Night at the Museum 2, Terminator Salvation, 17 Again, Drag Me to Hell and TRANSFORMER 2: REVENGE OF THE FALLEN! Drag Me to Hell was okay, Angels and Demons is way better than The Da Vinci Code. 17 Again is a very nice show, very meaningful, makes me wan to be 17 again, but I cant...Transformer is nice, great technology on all the robotic moves and the fighting scenes and most of all, Megan Fox is hot!

Coming back to hometown allows me to spend more time with my family. I accompanied my mother to the dragon boat practice; an activity ran by the Cancer Link centre. I knew dragon boat all the time but never really have the chance to participate in this water sport. I am a fan of water sports and this is my chance to give it a try. Despite of the hot sun in the evenings, I found myself fell in love with dragon boat rowing. It’s a strenuous exercise and a good form of cardio. Definitely asking for more, but too bad, the practice is only once a week, so I only went there for about 6 times. I am looking forward to the year-end holiday for more dragon boat rowing. Consequences of this sport is that I've become even darker, but never mind.
I hit my 21st by 27th June. My birthday celebration with family and friends were great. My friends lit a BIG “21” using candles on the beach behind Crown Prince. This year I had the privilege for choosing my own present and I receive presents from my parents too. Thank you for all the presents.

A simple but special celebration at the beach near Crown Prince.

The BIG 21...
How it looks without the camera's flash light...
No mercy even on my birthday...TT being bullied even when taking pictures, haha...

T-shirt and shoes are from my dearest mummy, others are from friends. The picture does not show my complete present collection, sorry about that. I received another wallet from my dad and another t-shirt from my uni friends. Thank you!

Monday, July 6, 2009