Saturday, April 2, 2011

My first love poem

After days of thesis writing, I finally have the time and most importantly, the privilege to use my imagination fully without restrictions of templates and scientific formats. Writing poem is so much more enjoyable than writing thesis.

This is my very first love poem, LOL, a nice attempt to be romantic. It's very random as they just come across my mind, so some parts are happy; some parts are sad. Anyway...

Like a lily without leaves,
I feel lonely if you ever leave.

Like a winter without snow,
how much I love you,
heaven knows.

Like a tear in the water,
I am here,
but you never bother.

Like a chain on the door,
I wonder if I could hold you just once more.

Like a dolphin in the sea,
your loving sets me free.

Like the sun in the sky,
with you on my mind, I'm satisfied.

Like a baby in the cradle,
being with you,
everything is possible.

Like a year without rain,
missing you brings so much pain.

Like Monalisa and da Vinci,
Through your eyes,
I see me.

Like Cubism and Picasso,
if I meet you, I'll never let go.

Like Fawkes and its feather,
we belong together.

...So much for now... My mind is word-deprived, hope you guys enjoy!

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